The 25 Top Remodeling Blogs

The best home remodeling and home improvement blogs

One of the greatest things about widespread use of the internet is the abundance of information available on any subject. It can truly make us feel like we aren’t alone in whatever our quest and reassures us that there are others out there with the exact same problem. Blogs are a fantastic way to spread the word about a product or service or just share some insight from a professional or personal perspective, and they’re a great way to build a community around a topic, and the following 25 top remodeling blogs are a great example of this.

The following blogs were selected with great discretion for this list based on a number of completely random and un-rigid standards; some have ads while others are proudly ad-free, some are written by several people while others are written by just one or two people, some are cleanly designed and others are a bit chaotic. However, all are valuable in that they teach something, and that’s really the point of blogs and the point of the internet in general. So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 25 remodeling (slash home improvement slash do-it-yourself) blogs on the internet, in no particular order. (One last ado: they’re all US based, just ‘cause that’s most relevant to us.)

DIY Blogs

Remodelaholic: Written by a young couple who takes guest contributions, Remodelaholic is an incredibly detailed how-to blog. From simple room transformations (think paint and new accent pieces) to a build-from-scratch step ladder, there’s plenty of inspiration.

Apartment Therapy: Anyone in the remodeling or DIY or home improvement world has heard of Apartment Therapy, and for good reason. Written by a team, Apartment Therapy is geared towards home remodeling and improvement for the small space and the rental. This website proves you don’t need to own and certainly don’t need a mansion to get your dream home.

Funky Junk Interiors: I admit, I was attracted to this blog because of the name, but I stayed for the photos. There are plenty of Pinterest worthy pictures here, and all of the projects featured include beautiful photos and junk, thrift and cast-away items redesigned to look vintage-cool.

Living with Lindsay: I promise I didn’t pick this blog because of the name (although Lindsay is a super awesome name, if I do say so myself). Living with Lindsay is an honest and straightforward blog about home improvement and design with easy to follow tutorials, clear photos and a little bit of bravado.

Pretty Handy Girl: I like this blog because the writer has a natural writing style that doesn’t get in the way of detailed tutorials. Many of the projects are highly cost effective as she gets things second hand and reuses old materials.

Remodelista: In a kind of catch-all format, Remodelista has everything from cleaning tips to refinishing a piece of furniture, all assembled within a list of categories based on what you might be interested in. Remodelista is written by a small amalgamation of women (including one from London, so this list isn’t entirely made in the USA) interested in simple design.

The Handyguys Podcast: The Handyguys Podcast is a great resource for DIYers. The Handyguys give their audience audio and video tutorials (video podcasts) for all things home improvement related. They also have blog posts in the traditional format, but the video tutorials are really what makes this blog special.

IKEA Hackers: Anyone who has anything from IKEA is sure to love IKEA Hackers. While IKEA products certainly have a style and function all their own, it takes a small amount of effort and creativity to transform many of the thousands of IKEA products into something better, more personalized, and less IKEA-y.

Young House Love: Young House Love is about a husband and wife, their toddler daughter and their dog, and how they’re constantly changing their home for the better. This blog is great because it’s updated at least once a day and the couple has a great attitude about the trials of home improvement, acknowledging the hard times as well as celebrating the accomplishments.

Casa Decrepit: A couple purchased an old Victorian home in the Bay Area and have been transforming it over the years to help it look like it used to originally. They’re doing all (or the vast majority) of the work by themselves, so it’s slow going, but it’s a great resource for historical building renovations.

Bower Power: This blog isn’t so much a detailed step-by-step how-to, but it does a good job of describing their projects and providing before, during and after photos. Some of their renovations (the house itself, included) were bought for cheap and made over to their liking.

Centsational Girl: With the tag-line of “fabulous for less”, Centsational Girl is a mix of interior design, home remodeling and anything DIY. Though it’s mainly written by one woman, she does accept guest bloggers, so readers get a bit of variety.

Manhattan Nest: This is a completely different type of home remodeling blog if only because of the writing style: brutal honesty. This is the account of a person trying to figure out DIY, design and remodeling as he goes and doesn’t sugar coat the hard parts. It’s refreshing and relatable and one of my favorites.

Inspirational Blogs

Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas: Like the name implies, Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas centers around improvement and remodeling choices that would be affordable for the average homeowner. Things like the best cost effective countertops, energy saving appliances and quick home updates abound on this blog.

Door 16: This is a blog about the slow transformation of an old home. The writer and her husband learned everything they’ve done by doing it themselves and the immense satisfaction that comes from DIY.

Kathy’s Remodeling Blog: This blog is a collection of articles from around the internet about home improvement (including relevant news) and other people’s remodeling tips. There’s a nice blend of personal stories to go along with the articles and expert discussions.

Nick Haus: Nick writes this blog (his designs are also on Etsy) that’s part design musings and part home renovating. This blog is more of a nice read than something you would look to for DIY advice.

Inthralld: A great place for inspiration, Inthralld is a collection of unique, interesting and beautiful homes and interiors. The collection of posts is gathered from around the world and covers commercial and residential buildings and design. This is a great place to start a home or design based Pinterest board.

It’s Great to be Home: This is the story of a couple who flips homes. As in, the blog is currently in the process of buying their fifth home to flip and sell. The transformation pictures are great for inspiration!

7th House on the Left: A blog written by a couple that goes from room to room in their home and details the improvements and renovations they’ve made. They go into good detail, answering a lot of comment questions and providing as much information as possible for copycats.

Building Moxie: Building Moxie is written by a handful of regulars and takes contributions from guests, and offers everything from simple tips to make your living space more you-friendly to home renovation advice to tips on working with contractors and loved ones.

Green Remodeling Blogs

Inhabitat: Focusing on the technological innovations that make green remodeling the future, Inhabitat covers architecture, design and even fashion for a truly green lifestyle. Find green products for your home, examples from around the world of green design, and hosts green design contests to inspire others.

Jetson Green: This is one of the most informational green building blogs out there. There are topics on every facet of green remodeling, including energy sources, green architecture, sustainable materials, and the latest technology for homes of all shapes and sizes (literally – Jetson Green features all types of dwellings).

TreeHugger: TreeHugger isn’t entirely about remodeling or design, it’s everything green. However, their Green Design section celebrates recycled material usage and refurbished buildings everywhere, proving corporations as well as single-family homeowners can be green.

Chezerbey: Chezerbey (what a name!) could have fit within any of these categories, but it most belongs in Green because it’s the greatest (of the very few out there) true DIY remodeling blogs that makes an effort to be as sustainable as possible. This blog covers everything readers care about: being green, saving money, and doing your own remodeling. A fantastic read, and worth visiting frequently.

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