Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla

Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla

Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla: Is your bathroom lacking that glow it used to have when you originally moved into your house? Do you find that you need more space? Do you simply want to refresh the decor to match the rest of your home? Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla/Palatin Remodeling has been transforming bathrooms for homeowners in the La Jolla area for over 20 years and will be happy to help you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

Complete Bathroom Design Services

Have an idea for a bathroom remodel but you need assistance with taking it to the next level? With our extensive background in remodeling bathrooms across the La Jolla area, we know that a bathroom remodel needs to take into consideration every individual homeowner’s personal tastes and any particular requirements they might have. Our skilled team of bathroom designers will sit down with you and help you devise a plan for your bathroom remodel that includes every aspect from lighting to flooring.

High-Quality Materials

Stone Works & Bathroom Flooring

If you have a bathroom remodel all laid out and you can see it in your mind, but you have to locate the materials you would like to use, Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla/Palatin Remodeling is pleased to assist you. We have teamed up with a range of of supply houses who can find anything you may need for a bathroom remodel, no matter if it’s the latest in modern bathroom fixtures or natural stone tiles.

Complimentary Consultations

To help you get started, Bathroom Remodeling La Jolla/Palatin Remodeling is glad to offer a free initial consultation at your La Jolla home. We can take a look at the bathroom first-hand and provide suggestions and samples of materials to get you started thinking about what you want to get out of your bathroom remodel.

Call today to schedule your consultation with one of our bathroom remodeling specialists and discover what we can do for you.

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