Malibu Concrete Services

At Palatin Remodeling, we understand that concrete isn’t just for driveways and patios anymore, but neither is it limited to the bland gray shade you may be picturing in your mind. Malibu residents who want to to spruce up their homes can’t go wrong with thinking about concrete for their next home remodeling project. Palatin Remodeling has extensive experience with using concrete for home improvement projects in and around the home and will be pleased to assist you.

Patios and Walkways

Palatin Remodeling’s concrete specialists can help you discover an amazing range of possibilities for utilizing concrete in an outdoor portion of your Malibu home such as a patio or walkway. Concrete may be a great alternative to natural stone or brick that is not quite as pricey but still offers the same look. The options offered include coloring concrete in a range of colors that won’t grow dull, pressing and stenciling patterns into just-poured concrete or even concrete pavers which can be a great alternative to standard brick pavers.


Along with patios and walkways, Palatin Remodeling provides driveway installation services to Malibu residents. No matter if you require a new driveway for a house currently being built or you want to replace your current driveway, Palatin Remodeling can install a new high-quality concrete driveway for you. Additionally, your new driveway may be personalized to complement your house or add a touch of style.

Interior Concrete Services

Where it concerns to the inside of your Malibu home, Palatin Remodeling can devise a variety of superb uses for concrete in your future bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. We can custom-build concrete bathroom and/or kitchen countertops as a great alternative to traditional stone countertops that will last better and need less upkeep. As well as countertops, Palatin Remodeling can lay concrete flooring in the kitchen or bathroom or even devise custom creations such as sinks and fireplace surrounds using concrete.

With so many excellent choices for using concrete in and around the home, it’s no surprise it’s earning acceptance with homeowners everywhere. Call Palatin Remodeling today and learn about the options for implementing it in your next home renovation project at your Malibu home.