Winnetka Concrete Services

With the increasing use of options for designing decorative concrete, Palatin Remodeling is delighted to provide an assortment of concrete services to Winnetka residents. Concrete is no longer restricted to outside use for driveways, patios or walkways. The almost limitless possibilities for colors and patterns allow concrete to be used for a variety of home remodeling projects as well.

Patios and Walkways

If you have a new patio or walkway planned for your Winnetka home, concrete is an outstanding choice. It is less costly than brick or stone yet still offers a wide selection of colors and designs, allowing it to imitate the appearance of brick or stone but keep the strength of concrete. To discover more about the options for using decorative concrete for the patio or walkway, contact Palatin Remodeling to schedule a free consultation.


Along with patios and walkways, Palatin Remodeling offers driveway construction services to Winnetka homeowners. No matter if you require a new driveway for a home currently being built or you want to replace your existing driveway, Palatin Remodeling can construct a new high-quality concrete driveway for you. In addition, the new driveway may be customized to match your house or add a touch of style.

Interior Concrete Services

For homeowners in Winnetka thinking about a kitchen or bathroom renovation, Palatin Remodeling offers an amazing assortment of choices for implementing concrete. Countertops and flooring can be molded in concrete and customized to your taste, melding form and function in a single package. Palatin Remodeling can also custom-craft various features for your house from concrete such as sinks and fireplaces.

To discover what concrete could do for your home, contact Palatin Remodeling today to book a complimentary consultation.

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