Concrete Services

The versatility of concrete

While you might think of it as a boring gray slab, concrete is a very versatile material that can be put to a lot of uses around your home. You don’t have to resign yourself to using concrete only for your driveway or patio anymore. With the huge selection of colors and styles to choose from, you may find yourself very pleasantly surprised when it comes to using concrete for your next home improvement project. To learn more about the many applications concrete is usable for, contact Palatin Remodeling for assistance today!

Although you might be used to thinking of concrete as a dull gray, advancements in the industry have enabled the development of a wide variety of concrete styles and colors. In the style department, concrete can be stamped, stenciled, engraved or even manufactured as pavers. Stamped concrete involves pressing a pattern into fresh concrete, allowing the concrete to mimic the look of paving stones, bricks or other materials. Stenciled concrete utilizes a stencil which is applied to new or old concrete in conjunction with a staining agent, giving the concrete the look of brick or paving stones with mortared joints. Engraved concrete cuts designs directly into the concrete and combines them with staining, allowing the concrete to have patterns cut into it or mimic other materials like stone. Concrete pavers are an excellent alternative to traditional masonry pavers since they are much more durable, while still offering the same variety of shapes and colors. Concrete is also readily stained and dyed, allowing for an incredible array of colors from basic earth tones to rich pastel colors that will penetrate the concrete itself, eliminating issues with peeling or chipping away.

Stamped and decorative concrete driveways and entryways

Concrete is also a great alternative to asphalt when it comes to installing a new driveway. While it can cost you a bit more upfront, the benefits of a concrete driveway are numerous. It is very durable compared to asphalt, won’t get nearly as hot in the summertime and can be expected to last much longer than a comparable asphalt driveway. Naturally, a concrete driveway can also take advantage of the numerous decorative options available for concrete so you can install a concrete driveway made up of concrete pavers that resemble bricks, for instance. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, concrete is also a very green option for driveway installation since it is not manufactured with any petroleum byproducts like asphalt, often utilizes recycled materials like industrial byproducts in its manufacture and can even be recycled itself when the time comes to replace your concrete driveway.

Interior concrete for your bathroom, kitchen or fireplace

Along with driveways, concrete offers an amazing range of different uses around your home. Patios are of course a very popular use for concrete and you can take advantage of the customization options concrete allows as well to come up with a beautiful and functional patio that will last you for a long time. However, what you might not be aware of is that concrete is also readily adapted for many indoor as well as outdoor uses. Concrete countertops are a relatively new innovation that can be a very attractive and durable alternative to granite, marble or other materials. Other surprising but great uses for concrete in your home include indoor and outdoor fireplaces or even sinks, since it is very resistant to fire and holds heat very well, plus concrete can be sealed to give it excellent resistance to water. Concrete flooring may also be a viable option for any room in your home, especially the bathroom or kitchen where you might need a durable non-slip surface. Naturally, any concrete you use in your home can be colored or patterned to your liking, allowing it to easily blend in with your current home decor.

With all of these amazing options for using concrete in your next remodeling project, you’re probably anxious to get started. The experts at Palatin Remodeling specializes in concrete construction to assist you. They can provide the best recommendations possible for any remodeling project you have in mind.