Artersia Foundation Repair

Although the prospect of repairing the foundation at your Artesia home might not be an enviable thought, taking action now is definitely the best choice. A foundation problem may induce significant structural damage to your house including the roof and framing if not resolved. With appropriate preventative maintenance, many foundation problems may be addressed before they ever occur, however. At Palatin Remodeling, we bring more than two decades of experience in the home improvement field to the table, allowing us to fix the foundation if problems do occur and take measures to help alleviate potential issues.

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracked foundations are a common problem which can be induced by a variety of factors including the concrete developing cracks during curing and pressure from the underlying soil. Although a minor crack in the foundation isn’t necessarily a problem you need to be worried about, cracks can possibly be a harbinger of a bigger problem. Palatin Remodeling offers complete cracked foundation inspection and repair services to address any potential problems arising from a cracked foundation.

Heaved or Sunken Foundations

Foundations are prone to sinking or heaving if the soil beneath absorbs water and expands, causing a build-up of pressure which may lift the foundation or cause it to sink as the soil dries and shrinks. This may cause the roof or house framing to warp out of shape and potentially cause leaks, warped window frames, damaged walls and other problems. If the foundation at your Artesia home is displaying the symptoms of heaving or sinking, Palatin Remodeling provides a number of services to help level your foundation as required.

Foundation Drainage and Waterproofing

Palatin Remodeling provides a variety of waterproofing and drainage measures to help alleviate frequent foundation issues associated with water collecting at the bottom of the foundation and seeping underneath. Preventative maintenance now may save you a lot on a foundation repair down the road.

To receive a free inspection and quote on a foundation repair for your Artesia home, please call Palatin Remodeling today for assistance!

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