Cardiff-by-the-Sea Foundation Repair

Naturally, the prospect of fixing the foundation at your Cardiff-by-the-Sea home may not be a pleasant prospect, taking action sooner than later is always the best option. A foundation problem can induce significant structural damage to your home including the roof and framing if not resolved. With proper preventative care, many foundation problems can be addressed before they even happen, however. At Palatin Remodeling, we bring over two decades of experience in the home improvement industry to the table, enabling us to fix the foundation if issues do happen and take measures to help resolve possible problems.

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracked foundations are a common problem that can be induced by a number of things including the concrete developing cracks as it cures and strain from the underlying earth. While a minor crack in the foundation isn’t always a problem you have to be concerned about, cracks can potentially be a warning sign of a bigger issue. Palatin Remodeling offers complete cracked foundation inspection and repair services to handle any possible problems related to a cracked foundation.

Heaved or Sunken Foundations

A foundation may heave or sink because of the soil shifting around if it gets wet and subsequently dries out. This process may either lift the foundation upwards as the soil swells and puts pressure on the foundation above it or induce it to sink if the soil is no longer holding up the foundation properly. Palatin Remodeling is a specialist in a variety of methods meant to level a heaved or sunken foundation and avoid the need to replace the foundation altogether.

Foundation Drainage and Waterproofing

Water getting underneath the foundation is a frequent source of numerous foundation issues. To counteract this, Palatin Remodeling can provide drainage and waterproofing options for your foundation. A foundation problem can be prevented with the proper precautions.

To get a free inspection and estimate on a foundation repair for your Cardiff-by-the-Sea home, please call Palatin Remodeling today for assistance!

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