Pacific Palisades Foundation Repair

The foundation is one of the most critical areas of your Pacific Palisades home to keep in good shape. If the foundation starts to exhibit issues, this can readily turn into a pricey fix if it is not checked as soon as possible and might potentially lead to additional problems including water damage due to leaks in the foundation. Thankfully, foundation problems can be resolved or avoided altogether with proper attention. Palatin Remodeling offers complete foundation repair services and can help you implement preventative measures like drainage to halt foundation issues before they occur.

Foundation Crack Repair

While cracks in your foundation may be normal cracks that developed as the concrete cures, the foundation might also crack because of the soil below moving as it gets wet and dries out, among other possible reasons. Any cracks discovered in your foundation can develop into a bigger problem. Palatin Remodeling provides complete cracked foundation repair services to Pacific Palisades homeowners.

Heaved or Sunken Foundations

If the earth under your house is not correctly drained, this can lead to a pattern of swelling and shrinking as the soil gets wet then becomes dry again. This process can cause the foundation to heave or sink, inducing cracks in the foundation or potentially ruin the walls and roof by pulling them out of alignment over time. Palatin Remodeling can help you in fixing a heaved or sunken foundation without the need to replace the entire foundation.

Foundation Drainage and Waterproofing

Water seeping underneath the foundation is a common cause of many foundation issues. To alleviate this, Palatin Remodeling can provide drainage and waterproofing options for your foundation. A foundation problem can be prevented with the proper safeguards.

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