San Fernando Foundation Repair

A foundation is one of the most crucial areas of your San Fernando home to maintain in good repair. If the foundation starts to exhibit problems, this can readily turn into a costly fix if it is not caught right away and may even lead to additional issues including water damage from leaks in the foundation. Fortunately, foundation problems can be corrected or prevented altogether with proper attention. Palatin Remodeling provides complete foundation repair services and can help you set up preventative measures including drainage to stop foundation issues before they happen.

Foundation Crack Repair

Although cracks in your foundation might be normal cracks which developed as the concrete cures, the foundation might also crack due to the soil beneath shifting as it becomes wet and dries up, among other potential reasons. Any cracks discovered in your foundation may turn into a larger problem. Palatin Remodeling offers comprehensive cracked foundation repair services to San Fernando residents.

Heaved or Sunken Foundations

Foundations are prone to sinking or heaving if the soil beneath absorbs water and expands, causing a build-up of pressure that can heave the foundation and alternately cause it to sink as the soil dries out. This may cause the roof and house framing to warp out of shape and possibly induce leaks, warped window frames, damaged walls and other problems. If the foundation at your San Fernando home is displaying the symptoms of heaving or sinking, Palatin Remodeling provides a range of services to help even out the foundation as needed.

Foundation Drainage and Waterproofing

The most frequent reason for the foundation at your San Fernando home to develop an issue like cracking or sinking is due to insufficient drainage of the underlying soil, permitting water to pool around the foundation and seep underneath it. Palatin Remodeling offers maintenance services to help San Fernando homeowners protect their foundations such as construction of waterproofing systems and retaining walls.

Don’t let a foundation problem get away from you and destroy your home. Palatin Remodeling is happy to provide complimentary inspections and quotes on every foundation repair or maintenance service

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