Home Improvement Gifts That Pay Off Big Time

Home improvement gifts can pay off significantly over time.This time of year, when you’re busy getting the house ready for guests and buying presents for family and friends, don’t forget that your home could probably use a few gifts, too. Here is a list of home improvement gifts that can offer a significant return on investment, paying you back for your consideration, and the experts at Palatin Remodeling can provide you with professional consulting and installation services for all of your home improvement gifts and projects.

1. Rain water collection barrels can save you money and make healthier landscapes.Rain collection barrel for gutter drains: Even if it doesn’t rain very much where you live, a rain collection barrel can come in handy. Water collected from the sky is perfect for watering plants both inside and out, can save significant amounts on water costs and collection barrels are a great looking addition to the home. You can buy a rain collection barrel from many home improvement and specialty stores to match the style of your home, but you could also convert an old barrel or container for much less, which will suit your needs and add a bit of eco-friendly charm to your home at the same time. Rainwater is the healthiest way to water plants and landscape, and saving rainwater for the dry summer months can give your home a great looking garden for no cost. In fact, you’ll end up saving money by using your collected rainwater, and you’ll also be slowing your contribution to the drought issue in many parts of the country.

A new wood or steel front door increases curb appeal and adds value to your home.2. Replace the front door: Your front door says more about your home than many people think. A new front door can provide a wide range of benefits and savings, plus great looks that will last a long time. Replacing your old front door with a new one, especially a steel or steel framed wood door, will make your home more secure and can reduce your home insurance premiums. If you match the color of your new front door to the color and style of your garage door you can create a coordinating look that shows your house is put together and well planned out, increasing your curb appeal (this works for neutral colors as well as bold colors). Even if you don’t match the color of your front door to the garage door, a bright and bold front door color draws the eyes towards your home’s entrance and makes it feel more welcoming. A newer and secure front door is also an attractive feature for new  home buyers, which could help your home spend less time on the market.

Putting solar roofing panels on your home reduces your energy costs and adds value to your home.3. Solar roofing panels: Although solar roofing panels is far from a quick fix or a cheap home gift, the rewards can be incredible. Solar roofing has been on the rise for the last few years and there are almost no downsides post installation. Putting in solar roofing panels can reduce or even eliminate your energy bill (depending on the amount of sunlight you receive), and some homes are selling back energy to the city, making money on top of their savings. There are government rebates to take advantage of, the increased value of your home and bragging rights to consider. Plus, if you’re worried about looks or if the sunny spot of your roof faces the front of your house, there are solar roofing tiles that offer the same benefits of solar panels but aren’t as obvious.