House Painting

Almost nothing complements a renovation as well as house painting, and nothing else makes such a difference for so little effort. Whether you choose interior painting, exterior painting or both, your home is sure to have a dramatic new look that helps it feel fresh and updated. House painting is fast, inexpensive and one of the most customizable ways to improve any house. Consult with your Palatin Remodeling experts for everything from paint colors to accent walls and we’ll make sure your home is always looking its best. Call today for your complementary house painting consultation and see how your home can be transformed through color.

Transform your home with exterior painting

Update your home with exterior painting.

A fresh coat of paint can update the whole house and set it apart from the rest on the block. Even just painting the eaves or using a creative finish can give your house a new look without taking on more time consuming and expensive methods. The painting professionals with Palatin Remodeling have access to the highest quality exterior paints, which have been proven to hold up even in extreme weather. We’ll offer our expert advice for the right color and finish, taking location and landscaping into consideration, and take care of everything from preparation to cleanup. Exterior painting is perfect for a wide range of housing situations, from a new home in tract housing that needs a little something extra to differentiate it from the rest of the houses to an older home that’s starting to show its age and everything in between.

Interior painting can change the mood of any room

Colors create moods, and paint colors have the most say over the mood of any room. Bathroom remodeling designers often pick soothing greens and blues while kitchen designers usually opt for energizing bolds. No matter what room you want to paint, the expert designers with Palatin Remodeling have expert recommendations as well as the highest quality paints and finishes for every room. We know which colors and finishes work best in kids rooms versus elegant dining areas, and can also suggest creative touches such as accent walls, ceiling paint and window sill finishes to create a truly unique interior. Use interior painting to spruce up a room that hasn’t changed since the millennium or to place your mark on the heart of a home you just bought.