How to use Pinterest to design your kitchen remodel

Utilize the latest social media photo sharing website to plan your new kitchen

The social media website Pinterest has been around for a few years now, but it’s exploded in popularity within the last several months. Pinterest is to photos what Twitter is to links: the more the better. Pinterest has proven to be highly effective for businesses across several industries, and the remodeling industry finds the website particularly useful. The purpose is to share images of things you find interesting with other people who share the same interests, and you save each image to a pin board you create. This method allows you to store tips, design ideas and much more in a convenient, easy to use place. So why not use Pinterest to design your kitchen remodel? It’s actually a great way to get the kitchen look you want.

Get to know Pinterest

First, make yourself familiar with Pinterest if you aren’t already. Sign up, create a “kitchen design ideas” board and browse images already on Pinterest in the “Home Decor” category. You can follow those who have pinboards you like, invite your friends, and start a collection of interesting kitchen photos. While Pinterest will have thousands of kitchen photos to choose from, and doubtless dozens or hundreds you like, a far greater resource will be the rest of the Internet.

As you should already be doing for your kitchen remodel, look at home improvement blogs and websites for inspiration. Get a feel for what’s out there and pin those images using the pinmarklet toolbar (downloadable for your browser). This helps in two ways: first, you’re finding images that may not already be on Pinterest, creating a new source of inspiration for you and countless others, and second you’re storing all of these images in one place for easy reference with the source saved automatically. No more searching endlessly through various websites trying to find that one picture you saw a week ago and can’t remember the site; it’s saved conveniently to your “kitchen design ideas” pinboard.

Group contributor pinboards

Another great resource on Pinterest is the ability to incorporate others into your boards. Not only is it a smart idea to share your kitchen design pinboard with your spouse and family members to allow them to contribute their say, allowing friends and those you follow access you allow them to find design ideas they think you’ll be interested in. You have to explicitly invite anyone you want to contribute so you should be inviting only those who know your style. This method could open your eyes to a design idea you never knew you loved and get you thinking a little more creatively about your kitchen space. Maybe stripes aren’t your thing, but maybe those subway tiles all in a row speaks to you, which you’d never have known without a group contributor pinboard. You can also directly share your pins with friends or people you follow by mentioning them in a description or comment; just type @ and their user name.

Mobile pinning

Pinterest has an app for the iPhone and iPad, which will sync with the Pinterest bookmarklet on your Safari toolbar when you sync your device to your computer. Pinterest also has a mobile site, which you can access using any smartphone or tablet, that shows you pins and allows you to comment, like or repin. You can even upload images saved to your iPhone or from a website you visit on your iPhone; there’s a $0.99 app that will upload the source for you, saving you from having to edit your pin to credit the source, which is good for you and a condition of Pinterest’s terms of use. An official Pinterest Android app is currently being developed but in the meantime there is a third party app called Pin to Pinterest that’s designed to give Android users the same freedoms as iPhone users.

Show your designer or contractor your kitchen pinboard

Your kitchen design pinboard can also help you communicate more effectively with your kitchen designer or kitchen remodeling contractor. Rather than struggle to describe what you want to do with your kitchen, which can be difficult if you don’t know the proper or technical names for products and materials, you can simply show your designer or contractor the pinboard you’ve already created. Plus, by naming a price in the description Pinterest automatically adds a banner with the price to the photo so you can compare images and their prices at a glance with your designer to get a more accurate quote. Your designer or contractor can give you specific advice based on the images you have and let you know what is possible or advisable in your current space.