Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Pictures

Before and after kitchen remodeling photos

We recently completed a kitchen remodel for a celebrity couple in Los Angeles (certain members of our office staff were very excited when we won the bid). While the before photos obviously don’t show any severe malfunction in design or use of space in this kitchen, the after photos clearly show a re-design that turns the kitchen into a space for entertaining and gathering, rather than isolating it as the cooking place it used to be. Having a kitchen that suits the homeowners needs is one of the most important aspects of a well designed home, and this couple took that notion to heart. Have a look at the following kitchen remodeling before and after pictures for one couple.

Kitchen remodeling before pictureThe kitchen before was still in good condition, with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood flooring, but it was clearly outdated. The pine cabinets and small space were reminiscent of older kitchens and didn’t represent the new entertaining space that today’s kitchens embrace, not to mention the cabinets look yellow and cottage-ish, and kind of meshes with the modern, industrial grade appliances, which were relatively new. In fact, the refrigerator wasn’t even replaced, just moved.

Kitchen remodel during pictureOur crews demolished the entire kitchen space to rebuild it from scratch. Walls were removed, the space was opened up, and a new entry way was created. The couple wanted the kitchen to connect to the living room, which was visible through a large window space in the wall. Previously, guests and family members could see the kitchen through this window space, but had to walk around it to get there, which makes it feel a little like a tease, and keeps the host separated from the guests in an inconvenient way. Taking away that half wall and opening it up makes the kitchen and living room look more like a great room, a design that is only becoming more popular as the years go by.

Kitchen remodel after pictureOnce the wall was removed there was plenty more space. We put in a large kitchen island where the wall used to be to connect the two rooms, which also provided a place for guests to gather that’s in the kitchen but not in the way. The rest of the kitchen was re-designed for a more efficient flow, keeping the cook’s work triangle within one area. Previously, one person would have had to take several steps to get from the sink to the stove or the refrigerator. Now, one person only has to take two steps to reach the stove or oven, and the refrigerator, although moved even further away from the kitchen sink, is much closer to the kitchen island where people are more likely to gather anyway. The host can prepare food at the kitchen island instead of at the counter because there’s a second sink, and guests can get into the refrigerator without getting in the way.

Kitchen remodeling after pictureThe backsplash before was just a continuation of the countertop, and the new backsplash definitely draws the eyes. By interspersing shiny tiles with matte tiles attention is attracted to the backsplash but not in an overpowering way. The tiles also reflect light, making the kitchen look brighter. Not to mention, the white painted cabinets look fresh and modern and don’t take away from the decorative backsplash and flow of the new kitchen design. You can also tell that the floors had been replaced. This couple still wanted hardwood floors in the kitchen, and the new floors provide the perfect traditional, homey contrast to the very new and modern appliances and backsplash for a kitchen that still feels like home. The hardwood flooring was extended into the living room to give the sense of flow and continuity.

Here is a side by side shot of the before and after pictures:

Before and after kitchen remodel pictures