Media Room

Media room additions create a place where a home theater experience can be had every night.

Media Room Design

With a media room in your home, the possibilities for entertainment are endless. Imagine a private date night without the hassle of parking and the disturbance of others talking on their cell phones. Imagine having everyone over for the ultimate Super Bowl extraveganza. Imagine letting the kids be as loud as they want with their favorite movie while you relax in the other room. Imagine having a genuine cinematic experience every time you want to watch a movie or TV show, or listen to your favorite musical album. Imagine experiencing movies the way they were meant to be experienced every single time. All of this and more is possible with a custom media room design from the experts at Palatin Remodeling, complete and right in your home.

Room Addition

Your media room design can come from a spare room in your home, but the best design is one that is custom designed from the ground up for a truly personalized and completely authentic feel. A room addition with your media room will allow you to add insulation for a sound proof room so the rest of the home won’t be disturbed by the genuine movie experience your media room encourages. You will also be able to design your room addition to suit your individual needs and preferences, whether you’re focused on a movie watching experience or desire a professional quality sound studio for music. You can also install a custom air conditioning system in your custom media room to create a life-like feeling for any movie, or ensure it’s always your ideal temperature.

Theater Seating

Because most media rooms are centered around a screen, theater seating is a must-have for any media room design. The right seating is a crucial aspect, which means you will have to build terraces into your flooring. This can be done to pre-existing rooms as well as a room addition with relative ease. Comfort is key when it comes to a home media room, and theater seating contributes exclusively to this concept. A designer can help you select the right furniture to accompany your theater seating design, complete with cup holders, arm rests and recliners. Also consider alternative seating, such as plush rugs for kids or foam cushions for relaxing, which will maximize your available space.

Furniture and Amenities

To complete your media room, an interior designer will provide professional advice and material suggestions for a credible and intimate setting. The right furniture will make your media room feel warm, comfortable and welcoming, and make gathering in your media room a breeze. Cover the entire floor with soft, plush carpeting in a color that complements your furniture style, and enjoy walking to your seat on quiet, comfortable flooring. Carpeting also acts as an insulator for additional sound proofing, and prevents disturbances when others get up and move around. Shelving and cabinets around the walls are important for clear organization and displaying movies, CDs and books. You might want to consider making one cabinet for food storage, or for storing appliances such as a microwave or popcorn cooker for easy access. A mini fridge, wine cellar and other food oriented amenities can make the viewing experience more authentic, preventing you from having to get up to the kitchen for snacks.

Lighting and Painting

Creating a realistic media room depends on your ability to mimic a theater, complete with the proper lighting additions and interior paint colors. Movie theaters and music studios alike rely on dark, neutral colors so as not to detract from the main focus of the room. Dark colors also help to absorb any residual sunlight, which is especially important when your media room is created from an existing spare room with windows. In a media room addition, installing a skylight as the only source of light creates a natural ambiance because daylight from the ceiling is less likely to disturb the screen, and the skylight provides a view of the stars and moon for movie watching at night. Another popular lighting arrangement for media rooms is accent lighting along the walls, which provide enough light to navigate around the room but not enough to be disturbing. Be sure to select a paint color or wallpaper design for your media room last, after fabrics and furniture are chosen. Paint color is easy to change and the most versatile of any other feature, and aspects such as couch color and window dressing fabric are less flexible. Choose your paint color to match the other design aspects of the room, not the other way around.