Torrance Foundation Repair

The foundation is one of the most crucial parts of your Torrance home to maintain in good shape. If your foundation starts to exhibit problems, this can easily turn into a pricey fix if it is not checked right away and may even lead to other issues like water damage from leaks in the foundation. Thankfully, foundation problems can be corrected or avoided altogether with proper attention. Palatin Remodeling provides complete foundation repair services and can help you set up preventative measures like drainage to halt foundation issues before they occur.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundations can crack as the concrete cures over time, as the soil underneath your home swells and shrinks or perhaps if a tree root grows beneath the foundation. In some cases, cracks are not necessarily an indicator of a problem, but they should be carefully watched to verify that they are not worsening over time. If you own a home in Torrance and suspect that a crack in the foundation may require repair, contact Palatin Remodeling to assist you.

Heaved or Sunken Foundations

If the soil beneath your house is not correctly drained, this can induce a cycle of expansion and contraction as the soil absorbs water then dries out. This process may cause the foundation to rise or fall, inducing cracks to form or potentially ruin the walls and roof by pulling them out of shape gradually. Palatin Remodeling can help you in correcting a heaved or sunken foundation without the need to rebuild the whole foundation.

Foundation Drainage and Waterproofing

Water seeping underneath the foundation is a common source of many foundation issues. To counteract this, Palatin Remodeling can supply drainage and waterproofing solutions for your foundation. A foundation problem can be avoidable with the correct safeguards.

To receive a complimentary inspection and estimate on a foundation repair for your Torrance home, please call Palatin Remodeling today for assistance!

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